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Meet The Team
Rick Del Rio

Rick Del Rio is a serial entrepreneur focused on investing in future technology and being a disruptor of industries worldwide with his technology.  As the sole founder and owner of Lime Light CRM, Rick created a technology that would change the way commerce is done on the Internet and revolutionize the Direct Response industry.  Today his CRM technology platform, which generates annually approved revenue in excess of $2B, dominates the industry with 80% of market share and over 80mm+ transactions annually.  He recently sold Lime Light CRM to a San Francisco-based technology company, marking one of his greatest accomplishments.

In 2005, at the age of 22, he entered the Direct Response industry as an Internet marketer/advertiser, managing and selling his own brands direct to consumer.  In the process, he identified a need within the industry for a tool set.  He developed it himself, and for years it was a secret weapon he used to make many of his ventures more profitable than all his competitors.

He revealed his secret to the public in 2008 when he branded his tool as Lime Light CRM.  Switching his role from advertiser to technologist, he began leasing the new technology and building relationships with other advertisers seeking a similar solution.  By 2016, Lime Light CRM had become the preferred CRM platform around the globe, used by virtually every highly successful and high-volume Internet advertiser.  Accomplishing it all without any paid advertising or even a sales team, Rick propelled his technology to its pinnacle by utilizing the technology itself, while organically developing a marketing strategy with keen understanding of his market position and the value he could bring to it.  It is the formula he uses in all his ventures.

Rick continues creating new ventures and seeking new opportunities. Taking on the role of advisor and investor, while applying his strengths and philosophy to other technology platforms, he steers them in the direction of success with the goal to shake up more industries to create more revolutions of innovation in commerce and beyond.